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I am sitting on the couch with something heavy on my mind that I feel necessary to share. First and foremost, as of the middle of September 2014, I have resigned as a independent promoter from ViSalus and I am no longer promoting the project 10 challenge.  I will forever be grateful for being able to work with ViSalus and the great success I had with the company.  This was a huge decision and hard one at that. I felt like it was the right decision for me to make.  One of the greatest things in life is growing as an individual and discovering new ways. As you grow you realize strengths about yourself as you push forward.  During my time with ViSalus I had a memerable  time, and was able to represent an amazing company.  I was honored to be on the cover of their first Challenge Magazine cover, build my business to the 1 Star Ambassador rank, and I met amazing people within my team and the company.  I will never take any of those moments away from my life. With that said, I needed to make a decision for my future, and continue on with full focus on my passion.

There will be people who are read this post and get mixed emotions. I want everyone who reads this message to know that I was passionate about ViSalus, and I have love for every single person in the company.  I have belief that we should follow our “gut” and do what is right for us as individuals. My entire career I’ve made several decisions base on my “gut feelings.” By trusting my “gut feelings”, things have always fallen into place.  Regardless of my love for the founders and staff at Vi, I was no longer excited about what I was doing. I was beating myself up about this feeling every day for months on end… and at one point my Fiancé thought I was going crazy.  I am a passionate person who gives 100% to everything I do, and it exhausted me to realize that I was ready to move on.  Those who know me understand that I’m the type of person who leads with love, passion, and strength. I want the best for everyone.  I feel network marketing is one amazing career path if that is a path decide to take. It can absolutely change your life in more way then one!  You are able to help people develop amazing teams, grow as individuals, experience amazing life opportunities, and be able to do all of this when the timing is right for YOU! I’ve always loved this concept. For me, at this time my passion is with my DIVA coaching business for aspiring models and competitors. I wake up everyday looking forward to this, and being able to help as many women as possible. My clients are from all around the world and I want to see each and every one of them succeed.  While I was actively involved with ViSalus I was building my business full time and I had no other choice but to do so. This resulted in me placing all of my eggs in one basket. My life took a 180 degree turn in 2011, and ViSalus was my savior. The business helped me in more ways than one. People had things to say when I joined, and they will have things to say now that I am gone and I am okay with that.

I’ve always been a leader, and a woman who will continuously pursue bigger goals. Eighteen months ago with my goals in hand I reevaluated my, personal time, business goals, and what made me happy.  That’s when I decided to redevelop my NY DIVA business. Now, I help clients all over the world, who are known as ( #thedivas and #thefitnessdivas ). We are a women empowerment team that helps each other well beyond our passion for fitness – we are a fitness support group. I will be hosting weekend workshops as well as retreats for all categories of bikini competitors and fitness models.  I feel empowered and happy to be doing what I love! As an entrepreneur I will continue to be open minded about opportunities that may parallel with my passion. I want to wish everyone the best of luck in all their endeavors.  Thank you for reading my blog and this new beginning.



One of my favorite head shots of Megan

DIVA Spotlight – my amazing friend and DIVA teammate – Megan Lefetra Hoffman!

When Megan walks into the room her pure beauty stops the crowd. She’s not only striking but full of love and one of the most determined athletes I know. I’ve never seen anyone work harder than Megan and her abondance of success shows. Below are some answers Megan and her journey becoming a WBFF PRO in NYC  July 2014.

How did you get into fitness?
I had hired a trainer to get into better shape for my wedding in 2006 & he asked if I had ever considered fitness modeling. When i said no, he said I should consider competing to get exposure. I did the 2006 Fitness Atlantic show & placed 1st in tall class. After that I was addicted!
When was your first show?
Brian Canone’s 2006 Fitness Atlantic show, after that I competed steadily for the next few years in Fitness America with some great success. I had a baby in 2008, and competed one more time in 2009. Since then I have been focusing on my son, my work, & my life as a single parent.

Megan Winning her WBFF BIKINI PRO Card in NYC

What’s your fitness history / story?
As a kid I was a gymnast for 10 years, played 3 Varsity sports in high school, was an All-American in lacrosse & played in college. After graduation I was looking for an athletic outlet- I tried half-marathons, CrossFit, mud runs, the ING NYC Marathon, but nothing really was that fulfilling. I was sick with eating disorders for 7 years so I’m always looking for my athletic outlet to compliment a healthy, active, and balanced life- competing does that for me.

How was your experience with the WBFF ?
It was amazing!! From the beginning of the athlete meeting the night before the show I was sold! They strive for class, sass, celebrating the true beauty of a fit woman, & the wonderful comraderie amongst competitors. The show was on-time, the expeditors were beyond helpful, & staff was so professional.


How was your Experience with the Fitness DIVAS ?
Lindsay was unreal. Her attention to detail was unparallelled. Every workout, every exercise, every calorie was carefully calculated for me, She pushed when I needed it & listened as I struggled. I couldn’t have done it without her, she held my hand through the entire prep even though we were miles apart.


Modeling in NYC

Just “one” of Megan’s magazine ads











What would be one tip for any aspiring competitor or fitness model?
Don’t ever give up. Ever. I tried for a year to get a contract with my first modeling agency. I had a baby at the height of my modeling & competing career & never thought I’d work/compete again- and guess what? I shot a cover 14 weeks after he was born, hosted & created my own DVD afterwards, won my WBFF Pro Card after taking a 5 yr break. You just have to be willing to do the work- and not just want it. I worked my butt off, doing what they said I would need to do, but without ever deviating from my own personal beliefs/morals. I’ve never taken my clothes off, done risque shots, or let anyone put me in a compromising position & have still had a lot of success modeling, shooting covers, commercials, DVDs, books, ad campaigns, editorials, & now can proudly call myself a WBFF Pro & a Fitness DIVA team member!!



What are the causes of “stubborn” weight?

Does your boyfriend, husband, or brother lose pounds more quickly than you do? Perhaps you have been struggling too much and now you want to know the reason why it is difficult for women to lose weight. It might sound frustrating, but yes, the reason why eating right and exercising isn’t working for you is because there is something else that is preventing you from your desired shape. Your failure to slim down could be blamed to biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Causes of stubborn fat include age, sleep, stress, disease, medication, or even eating habits.


Men have a Faster Metabolic Rate

Since men naturally have more muscle mass than women, they have a faster metabolism. It enhances their body’s ability to burn calories far more easily and rapidly. On the other hand, women’s body mass consist of at least 10% more fat. Thus, women have to work out intensively in order to increase their metabolic rate. In addition to that, the moment you hit your 30s, you do not only start to notice fine lines and appearance of grey hair, you also see your weighing scale going up every year. The reason of this mysterious weight gain is the fact that your metabolism is reduced by 5% each decade.

Do not worry, for you can successfully overcome the natural biological changes by altering your diet plan. It might require a little more effort, but in the end, it is all worth it!

Psychological Factors and Emotional Eating

More than the metabolism, the psychological factors hinder the women’s ability to lose weight. Research studies have proven that women tend to be more emotional than men. Therefore, they are highly prone to emotional eating disorder. They do not only find it challenging to stick to a restricted healthy-eating plan, but also crave for foods that are more sugary. While such foods do help them calm down the emotionally tensed nerves, they also result in weight gain. Due to emotional instability, most women eat when they are depressed, lonely, stressed, or heart-broken.

Underlying Health and Hormonal Issues

According to a study, one out of every ten women have polycystic ovary syndrome caused by the presence of too many male hormones. The disease is one of the underlying causes of type 2 diabetes and excess fat bulges around the waist.

article-new-thumbnail_ehow_images_a07_af_on_lose-stomach-fat-fast-women-800x800Lack of Sleep

Women, especially the ones who are working, have a lot to take care of. Many of you would agree with me that it is rather a challenge to wake up fresh in the morning. However, did you know a minimum of 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary for a healthy body and mind? Lack of sleep or sleep disorders such as insomnia releases a chemical compound known as Cortisol, which increases appetite. We all know what comes next, ugly layers of fat!


Being a woman, you deserve to be in good shape. You can easily show off a perfectly shaped body and wear your favorite bikini in a matter of a few weeks. All you have to do is take control of your life – do not let stress get in the way. Women are known to have a strong determination; it is time to use that ability to your advantage!


To learn more about your weight loss problems, continue reading my blog. To share your experiences and views, participate in the discussion through the comments section.



Fitness experts have been arguing over this topic for a long time. However, the benefits of eating every three hours are evident now. Since fitness is directly related to your health, a healthy eating pattern does not only make you look good, but it also makes you feel wonderful. With a positive frame of mind and a happy soul, nothing can keep you away from success. However, the question is, ‘how does eating every 3 hours make a person feel good about him/her self?’

Lose Weight without having to Starve

You will be delightfully surprised to know that starving is not a good weight loss strategy. If you are like most people and eat only 2 to 3 basic meals with an interval of 7 to 8 hours, you are probably gaining more weight than an average person.

Blood sugar levels significantly drop when the body is not fed for a while. However, it shoots up as soon as you eat something. This causes insulin in your blood to rise, which eventually stores fat more rapidly.

You must never skip your breakfast because if you wait until the lunchtime, your blood sugar will be even lower. In such situations, people often lose focus, becomes less productive at the work place, and feel low about themselves. This state of mental and emotional disturbance can also make your eat more than the usual.

Do you want to live life to the fullest or remain dull for most hours of the day? When a person does not eat for long hours, it damages the body’s ability to process food efficiently. Staying hungry also affects your skin, metabolism, and energy levels.

12201313Eat Healthy

While I may seem to be promoting the idea of eating more, I certainly do not mean you should eat just anything. The key is to eat food that is healthy, nutritious, and balanced. In simple words, your diet should consist of 5 to 6 small-portion-controlled meals with an interval of every 3 to 4 hours. Complete your mini-meal with a serving of green vegetables – they are high in nutrients, yet low in calories. You may also consider foods that are rich in protein (including egg whites, turkey breast, low-fat cottage cheese, canned tuna, cod, tilapia, and tof

It will considerably increase the metabolism rate to give you glowing skin and a rocking body. It will gradually convert your body from a fat-container to a fat-burner and you will see yourself looking great in the mirror!

It may not Work for some People

Before starting any kind of diet plan, I would suggest that you seek advice from a health professional or a dietician. It may not be recommended to people who have certain diseases.

Following a diet plan is a challenge for most people and they quickly go off the track every time they see their favorite food. To keep a record of your fitness plan, download a fitness app on your smartphone or tablet. All you need is determination, and a passion to look good!

If you want to learn more about how you can stay fit, healthy, and energetic, kindly present your queries in the comment section. Also, feel free to share your stories, experiences, and opinions on the topic.


5 Low Calorie Drinks that will help you in Remaining Socially Active

We all like to share an alcoholic drink with friends occasionally. While drinking with friends may be an integral part of our culture, many of us are not aware of its affects on our metabolism rate. Experts suggest that consuming small amounts of alcohol is safe. However, people who are trying to attain the ultimate Hollywood figure must avoid this beverage.

If you are in the habit of enjoying a cocktail every day, you are not doing yourself any favors. Yes, I know what people say, as soon as you start ingesting alcohol, your body stimulates the mechanism of metabolism. Nevertheless, it only triggers metabolic action against alcohol and does nothing to cut down fat deposits?

Alcohol and Weight Gain

It is important to know that all alcoholic beverages and liquors contain calories. Some have a smaller calorie count while others contain a LOT of them. Pay attention to the labels at the back before you pop the cork. Because your body cannot store alcohol, it metabolizes right away. This hinders other metabolic processes and as a result, your metabolism starts to slowdown. This adverse affect of alcoholic drinks contributes to rapid weight gain.

Here is the calorie count of a standard beer:


Alcoholic Drinks and Appetite

If the calorie count isn’t enough to convince you, here is another reason why you must refrain from alcoholic drinks, especially if your goal is to remain fit and healthy. Alcohol can significantly stimulate your appetite. A person may start feeling overly hungry after or during drinking. You know what makes the scenario worse? A drunken person usually craves for fattening food such as cheesy pizza, fried chicken wings, and fried prawns. Without a doubt, you will end up eating the entire day’s calories in less than 2 hours.


Low Calorie Alcoholic Drink: Choose Wisely and Stay Healthy

How many of you have heard the phrase, “alcohol is a social lubricant”? I am sure many of you would agree with the statement because parties or social gatherings without alcohol are almost extinct. It is difficult to avoid alcohol for a person who likes to stay socially active. Here is a list of low calorie drinks for such partygoers!

1)      Light Beer: Although it does have some amounts of calorie, but they are far less in number as compared to a regular can of beer.

2)      Red and White Wines: Opt for drier varieties of wine for fewer calories.

3)      Champagne: Generally, champagne contains 85 to 95 calories.



4)      Dilute your drink: Diluting alcoholic beverages can considerably reduce the calorie content. Consider mixing club soda or sparkling water to reduce its impact on health.

5)      Choose Lower Calorie Mixers: Blend your drink in a diet soda or add in limejuice to make it less fattening.

Summing it all Up

It is great to enjoy and celebrate life once in a while, but make sure it does not turn into a habit or else, be prepared to see the hideous fat bulges all over your body. However, if you must consume it, try one of above ways to reduce calories.

To learn about more weight loss tips, continue reading my blog. Feel free to share your stories, problems, and experiences in the comment section below.


Lindsay’s VLog

July 16, 2014

Believe in Yourself

Vlog #1 By: Lindsay Messina

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Xo Messina


Build Your Glutes

April 23, 2014

By: Lindsay Messina

There is a lot of hearsay about fat burning, muscle toning and such like; A popular myth is spot reduction fat loss, this is supposedly achieved by doing exercises that focus on a certain area and will specifically burn fat in your target regions. For example, people will do sit-ups all day to try and get a flat stomach or they will run to try and get leaner legs. Let’s state the fact now ladies; spot reduction is nothing but a myth.

There is truth in saying that these exercises will strengthen and build muscle mass when you perform them on a regular basis, but these exercises will not magically cut off a layer of fat. The body works as a unit and every part of it requires energy, not just the area your brain thinks it is targeting.

For example, if you want to build and tone your glutes. You must address strength training, cardio and a healthy nutritionally balanced diet.

What are the best exercises to HELP shape my butt?


First and foremost are squats. Squats are a very effective compound exercise and works more than one muscle group. The squat works your glutes (your rear), thigh muscles which are the quadriceps (front of the leg) and hamstrings (back of the leg)


My first photo  in 2006 shoot with Rodale

My first photo in 2006 shoot with Rodale


The squat is a great exercise that many people use as the foundation of any leg/ lower body workout. It is a safe and natural movement with great potential for muscular gains, strength and toning. The more muscles involved in an exercise, the more calories we burn and we can push our bodies harder to get an effective workout. It’s about quality in the gym, not quantity.

By becoming leaner, the muscle mass you have will be more visible on your physique and your shape will greatly improve. Making you look much more athletic.


These are another great movement build your thighs and glutes, the best way to emphasise your glutes in this exercise it to do long strides. If you want to work your quadriceps more, then the aim would be to take short step lunges. Lunges are a relatively easy exercise to perform for beginners and can yield great results too.

You can perform lunges using your bodyweight, with dumbbells or a barbell. It is recommended to try them just using your bodyweight until you get the hang of balancing correctly.

Another variation is the plyometric lunge, where the athlete jumps explosively between lunging positions.





Deadlifts are another great compound exercise that a lot of people associate with bodybuilders and power lifters. Get rid of that idea as they can be just as great for women who are wanting to build up their Gluteus Maximus. The deadlift works your entire posterior chain; the centre of your posterior chain is your glutes.

The deadlift involves tipping your torso forward from your hips and keeping your legs straight or bent a little. Engage your spinal erectors to engage your back, when the weight is lowered to the floor, the idea is to tighten your butt and hamstrings, driving the weight back up through your heels. Ladies, please don’t be intimidated by this exercise, it really works wonderfully!


So there you have it ladies, try these exercise and you will be well on your way to a new shapely butt, also remember what was said about incorporating a clean diet, strength training and cardio. For best results, you need all three.

Good luck, stay safe and happy lifting.

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Does Green Tea Help Weight Loss

If weight loss is on top of your priority list, you don’t have to spend hours doing workouts in the gym or resort to taking weight loss pills. Well, all that you need to do is sip a few cups of green tea daily! Research suggests that green tea extract helps boost metabolism and burn fat.  Rich in antioxidants, green tea benefits your body in more ways than one, including boost immune system, fight free radical damage, regulate cholesterol levels, help in weight loss, and inhibit cancer cell growth.

Green Tea Extract Stimulates Metabolism

Now you must be wondering how green tea can help weight loss. According to a study published in the International Journal of Obesity, green tea extract accelerates the process of burning of fat and calories, which aids in weight loss. This increases the process of heat production in the body or thermogenesis to 77 percent, which is vital for keeping the body temperature constant.

Green tea is rich in polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties and activate the enzyme that dissolves excess triglyceride. Though triglyceride is a source of energy for physical activities and is essential for proper functioning of the human body, any excess amount of this substance is turned into fat. So when you consume green tea, excess triglyceride is dissolved, which prevents fat accumulation in the body.

EGCG Against Weight Loss

If you are a health conscious person, looking for a natural cure for weight loss, then green tea undoubtedly is your ultimate tool to fighting obesity. Epigallocatechine or EGCG in green tea is known to boost the body’s metabolism while improving your appetite-regulating hormones, thus lowering appetite. Suppressing appetite indirectly contributes to weight management. Thus you can effectively keep the pounds off with regular consumption of green tea.

Categorized as catechins, polyphenols are powerful antioxidants responsible for health benefits of green tea. Among the catechins compounds, EGCG is the most active, which helps stimulate metabolism. Since green tea also contains caffeine, the green tea extract, coupled with caffeine, stimulates the central nervous system, muscle cells, and liver and more fatty acids are used in the process. As a result, fat is released into the bloodstream to be burned as fuel, thus it no longer adds to overweight or obesity problems. With more fatty acids being used than carbohydrates in the process, more carbs remain in the body, which enable you to get more from a workout and burn more calories. Research reveals that the combined ingredients make green tea more effective for weight management than caffeine alone. The consumption of green tea significantly increases exercise endurance, energy expenditure, and fat loss.

Natural Cure for Weight Loss

If you consume green tea in moderate proportions, you can certainly benefit from its numerous health benefits. In fact, green tea scores over other types of tea due to the green tea extract, which is rich in antioxidants. Several studies have proved its weight loss properties. The green tea extract targets the fat surrounding the intestines and that lining the abdominal region, which leads to type II diabetes in several people and puts many at a higher risk for metabolic syndrome. As an organic product, green tea increases fat metabolism, allowing the body to burn fat faster.

Green tea extract not only helps weight loss, but also controls release of glucose in the body, which tends to increase when you consume high calorie food. Thus you can say the use of green tea extracts lowers the intake of calories, which aids in weight loss. Also, another benefit of this wonder organic product is that it helps lower sugar and LDL cholesterol levels in your body, thus helping you maintain your desired weight and stay fit. Regular use of green tea extracts is, therefore, a great way to get rid of obesity, without troubling yourself much with workouts or fad dieting.

Not only this, green tea is a miracle organic product that helps you maintain optimal health, reducing cardiovascular risk, fighting different types of cancer, slowing growth of cancer cells, and improving memory!





10 Tips To Lose Your Belly Fat

Yes, the belly fat looks quite unflattering. Not only this, it creates aesthetic as well as health problems for you. The only way to get rid of these problems is to burn the excess fat hanging around your belly. There are a number of ways to turbocharge your weight loss efforts.

 1)     Workouts

Exercise is undoubtedly the best way to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits in your body. Researchers at Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute reveal that bellyfat2working out for 30 minutes five days a week is sufficient to burn belly fat. Exercising releases a hormone called irisin that helps in the conversion of white fat to brown. Indulge in exercises that involve multiple muscle groups while effectively working your cardiovascular system.

 2)     Green Tea

Regularly drinking green tea is good for weight loss. According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Functional Foods, green tea comprises a good amount of polyphenol catechins – a group of antioxidants that help burn fat cells. These antioxidants help boost metabolism, reduce bad cholesterol levels, increase energy expenditure, thus contributing to weight loss.

3)     Water

It’s a great idea to keep yourself hydrated, especially when you are on a mission to lose your belly fat. Drinking plenty of water will keep you from being thirsty, besides preventing you from indulging in a sugar-laden soda drink. Let go the soda cravings and prevent those extra calories from adding to your fat stores.

 4)     Fast food

It’s absolutely essential to cut down on your fast food intake. Loaded with fat and calories, snacks are the worst culprit in your battle against weight loss.

5)     Starvation doesn’t help

Eating healthy is the secret to good health. In order to burn belly fat, you do not to starve yourself. This does not do you any good; rather, wrecks your metabolism, causing several other health problems. Intentionally skipping a meal or fasting may have a negative impact on your weight loss goal.

6)     Six small meals a day

Hunger is your worst enemy when you are trying to lose stomach fat. Change Bellyfatyour eating habits and switch to six smaller meals from three big meals a day. Smaller portions will make you feel full and keep you from feeling hungry. Eat slowly to give your stomach ample time to realize it is full. Rescheduling your meal time will help you control cravings, regulate blood sugar levels, and keep hunger at bay.

7)     Cardio workouts

When you are following a weight loss goal, you will need to indulge in not only fat loss exercises, but also cardio workouts and core strengthening exercises. Any exercise that increases your heart beat, such as dancing, bouncing on the trampoline, or running, will help you lose weight fast. Core strengthening exercises will help you burn belly fat, strengthen your core, and enjoy a better posture.



8)     Group fat loss

Often some individuals on a weight loss mission fail to sustain the exercise momentum and leave it in between. If you are working out in a group, you are more likely to stay motivated to lose weight together. It’s always fun to have a friendly fat loss competition.

9)     Fat burning foods

When you are trying to lose your belly fat, it is crucial to keep a check on what you are eating. It is important to switch to a diet that comprises fat burning foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, skim milk, and brown rice. It’s what you eat that more often contributes to weight gain.Bellyfat3

10)  Sleep well

The easiest fat loss strategy is to sleep well. Yes, if you have been skipping out on snooze time, you aren’t doing your weight loss goal any good. A number of studies show that those who sleep less weigh more. In other words, sleep deprivation can thwart your fat loss efforts by changing how your bodies regulate appetite, thus causing you to crave more.

How Can Stress Affect Metabolism 

By: Lindsay Messina

Ever wondered what’s all the fuss about stress these days? When you are constantly stressed, the body’s fight or flight response is the result, and adrenal glands start secreting several types of hormones, including the stress hormone cortisol. The elevated levels of cortisol tend to dominate other hormones and gear you up for action.

Not only this, excess cortisol secretion slows down digestive functions and suppresses the immune system responses. In such situation of slowed down digestion, food stays in the stomach for too long. According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, stress affects metabolism of the body, which is essential for the proper conversion of caloric intake into energy. When digestion and metabolism are slowed, the body starts showing symptoms of ill health, which can be as serious as intestinal blockage.



Stress and Metabolism

When metabolism is stressed, the condition can potentially affect your body systems, disrupting their functioning. Constant elevated levels of stress are detrimental to health and can cause depression, sleeplessness, exhaustion, diarrhea, constipation, mood swings, eczema, weight gain, among other health conditions.

If you are exposed to prolonged and frequent stress periods, elevated cortisol hormone levels can raise blood sugar. When there is spike in blood sugar levels, pancreas start releasing extra insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels are lowered instantly, causing a craving for carbohydrate rich foods. Research shows that negative self-talk is a kind of unnecessary stress that can negative affect how you digest and assimilate your food. By doing negative self-talk, you are impacting your overall well-being and hurting yourself in a physiological way. All of this can severely slow down your metabolism.

Metabolism encompasses a number of critical processes associated with living, including breathing, contracting muscles, eliminating waste, circulating blood, controlling body temperature, and operating brain and nerves. When metabolism is affected, it impacts all the bodily processes and your overall well-being. It is therefore essential to cope with stress.


Coping With Stress to Maintain Healthy Metabolism

Since stress and metabolism are related, it is critical to cope with stress to ensure Stress3a normal metabolism functioning. In order to be stress free, you need to understand the importance of making your mental health a priority. Though some stress is natural, there is no place for stress in the lives of individuals with a positive mind-set.

The best way to reduce stress and raise your metabolism is through consistent exercise, which helps release endorphins that are crucial to fighting stress. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, 20 minutes of exercise every day can work help reduce stress and improve overall well-being and health. Yoga and meditation are quite effective in relieving stress.

• Your priority is to eat real, unprocessed food and a balanced diet, comprising right proportions of protein, fats, and carbs, to promote a nourished metabolism.

• Emotional stress may be due to plenty of reasons, including allergies, lack of adequate sleep, exposure to toxins, too much exercise, restrictive diet, and lack of sunshine. It is crucial to take steps to identify what is causing too much stress in your life and find ways to eliminate them.

• A balance between rest and activity is important to keep stress at bay. It is important to find out how much exercise is appropriate for you, depending on the amount of energy in your food, your rest levels, and the type of activity.

Now that it is clear stress and metabolism rate are related, you must take extra care in ensuring stress does not affect your quality of life and overall health.


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